Santiago Soto Montenegro


I'm Santiago, passionate about technology and human thought.

I believe that success is a team effort, but it always starts with individual initiative.

I think AI gives us superhuman capabilities, and it's our responsibility to create extraordinary solutions.

I'm a fan of startups, explosive growth, and curious minds.

My way of contributing to collective growth is by learning from the best and sharing that knowledge with others.




is a fintech that finances bikes for unbanked people, does not check credit history and allows you to acquire their first loan in less than two days.

Mi Megáfono

is a media tech to democratize mass media advertisement, with three simple steps to create ad campaing and get to thousands persons, withuot delay and low cost.


is a tracker app to pets in real time, the great pets growth in the homes around of the world increases GPS demand, also millennials prefer pets instead be fathers. The lost pets is a mundial problem and FindPet GPS cover this necessity.


is an e-sports startup supporting the latin america talent, it create tournaments and hunt good players to national and international tournaments participation and representation.


is a rent bikes app, perfect option to movilize persons avoiding cars traffic, also reducing CO2 emission and without sweat, or ¿who want arrive swaeting to work?. The startup begin operations into mundial micromobility boom.